Not Available At The Moment

We are very sorry but this session is not available at the moment.

Please contact reception for more details on when we will be running these sessions again.

Boulder Social - COMING SOON!

This boulderonly session is open to all adults who climb at Flashpoint Bristol. Ran by friendly local climbers who we know well and trust to ensure you have a good session, we wanted to offer an informal weekly social for climbers to meet and maybe even find a climbing partner for future adventures.

It’s at no extra cost on top of your normal entry price. Just turn up, go find the group and boulder.

It’s a great way to meet other climbers and get involved with our community at our bouldering centre, here in Bristol.


When are the sessions? Monday – Thursday, 6:30 pm – 9 pm

Who can join in? Anyone who has registered to climb at Flashpoint.

How much? Included with the normal entry price.

What’s not included? No instruction is provided other than friendly advice. The facilitator may not be a qualified instructor; they will be an experienced and trusted boulderer.

How to book? No booking required, just turn up and climb.