Not Available At The Moment

We are very sorry but for now this session is not available.

We will start it up again as soon as we can work out how to do it safely.

1:1 Coaching Package

Coming soon!

This is a 2 hour long, 1:1 session at our Bouldering Centre, Bristol, followed by a written short term plan for improvement.

We want our customers to stay keen, so we heavily discount these 1:1 sessions to give you access to great coaches at an affordable price.

When: the bookings team will need to match you up with a coach and organise a time that suits you both.

How much: TBC

How to book? Please give us a call, drop bookings an email or come and chat to us at reception

Lattice assessments

Coming soon!


We will open up in phases as follows.

25th & 26th July: Supporters Only (those that have supported us through lockdown will be emailed directly to arrange booking)

27th July Onwards: All adult climbers (must be pre-booked: members can book 7 days in advance, all others get 48hrs)

3rd August: Supervised children allowed (again with pre-booking)

There will be a lot of changes to make sure we can keep you all safe. Check the Re-Opening page to see ALL the adjustments.

Most important is to make sure you BOOK ONLINE before arrival!!!

We will open up our online booking system one week before opening. 

We can’t wait to see you again!