Cancellation Information

If you have set up an “express online profile” (when you booked online) then you can use the online cancellation process below. If you have not set this up then contact us to cancel and change your booking.

1: Click On “Your Account” and log in (if you have forgotten your password you can use the forgot your password function)

2: Click on “Recent Online Bookings” which will bring up all bookings you have past and future.

3: There will be a “cancel” option next to the future booking so long as you are within the reasonable time frame, set out in the policy below.

4: Wait about 5 mins. It will take a few minutes for the system to update and for you to receive confirmation and a refund.

Cancellation Policy – Notice Requirements

You can cancel your bookings so long as you give us reasonable notice. This is different for each session, as for some sessions we will have already booked in instructors etc, so we need some more time to try and re-sell your session.

Open Climbing Bookings

First Visit – 24hrs Notice

PAYG – 24hrs Notice

Punch Card – 3hrs Notice (no-show fee applicable)

Members – 3hrs Notice (no-show fee applicable)

No-Show Fees

In order to control the amount of members and punch card holders that are booking but not attending (about 10% from Aug-Oct 2020) members will now incur a £5 no-show fee for any session they do not attend, or cancel in time. Punch Card holders will have a punch deducted if they do not turn up to a session they have booked.

Instruction / Coaching

Private Lession – 72 hrs

Flashpoint Youth – 72 hrs

If you are struggling to cancel a session, please email with all your details and we will be in touch as soon as we can.