During Lockdown 3.0 we are closed for all climbing.

So sorry and hope to see you again soon.

What is Colour Up?

Colour Up is a community group, supported by Flashpoint Bristol.

Even though everyone loves climbing, traditionally it has been a white-male dominated sport. This issue, so often ignored, is the inspiration behind Colour Up: a Bristol based climbing group for people from minority ethnic backgrounds.

They have followed the path of similar initiatives like Brothers Of Climbing and Brown Girls Climb, with the goal of increasing diversity on the wall and opening up new spaces for the global majority.

The sessions are open to all abilities, in fact, we love seeing people climb for the first time ever with us! Don’t expect any formal coaching programme or anything like that, our members are happy to show you the basics and ensure you climb safely, without sacrificing any of the fun.

Below is a podcast episode with Carlos, the founder of this group.

Wanna join?

We hold meet-ups every other Monday at Flashpoint, during the evening. Apart from this, we encourage our members to use the group as a social hub: look for climbing buddies, make new friends, or whatever else you need. This group belongs to you as much as it belongs to us.

Hopefully we got your attention and the next thing you’ll do now is check out our social media. And remember, the aim is not only to climb, but to socialize, bring new people into the sport, and have a good time!

Flashpoint Bristol are supporting us in part by giving us a great deal for first time climbers.

£10 for entry, annual registration and shoe hire for one month!


How to Book?

Click HERE to book your slot.


You can join us or get in touch via:

FB: Colour Up Bristol

IG: @colourupbristol

Mail: colourupbristol@gmail.com

Lockdown 3.0

Bristol (along side the rest of the UK) is in Lockdown. This means we have had to close our doors once more. 

If you have a booking with us we will be in touch very soon to offer you a voucher / refund. 

If you have a membership with us we will also be in touch by email to ask you what to do with your fees over the next couple of months.

If you want to support us, click here

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