Please be aware that:

  1. Pre-Booking your session is ESSENTIAL
  2. Tasters are not yet running. We hope to have these back up and running soon.



If you are new to bouldering then we very much recommend doing a taster session. They cost essentially the same as a standard drop in session, they include all the kit you need and you get an instructor to show you around the bouldering centre, teach you some basic techniques on the climbing walls and get you up and running.

(However, Tasters are not running just now….so)

If you don’t need a taster, as an Adult you can pre-register online and book a slot using the Book Now button, selecting First Visit as your method of payment (this gives you a slight discount as it includes annual registration).

Unsupervised Climbing (18+)

No matter what your experience, you will be asked to watch a short video induction, read our conditions of use and fill out a registration form. The staff will ask you a couple of questions to ensure you have understood the induction and then you will be free to use the centre.

Please pre-register online before you arrive to beat the queue and save valuable climbing time!


Taster Session (18+)

If you have never climbed before, our Taster Sessions are a fantastic way to try bouldering and see if you like it.

For more information on Taster Sessions click here


Boulder Socials (18+)
Coming Soon

If you are new-ish to climbing, or just not keen to climb alone, come along to our informal “Boulder Socials”. Our boulder social providers share their infectious enthusiasm with whoever they climb with.  Boulder social is an informal, friendly drop-in session, no booking necessary.


Kids & Youth

If you are looking for kids indoor activities & classes check out the kids page here. If you are looking to supervise your own children please see below (further info can be found on our Terms & Conditions page).

0 – 6 years

Unfortunately Flashpoint Bristol is not suitable for this age group. Freedog and Redpoint Bristol have loads of options so check them out for inspiration.

7 – 17 years

An adult who has registered at our bouldering centre will normally be allowed to supervise one child aged between 7 – 11 years old OR two children IF at least one of them is over 12 years old.

The supervising adult must take full responsibility for the safety of the participants and complete the relevant paperwork.

Or you can let us look after them for you! Check out the Boulder Monkey page for more details.

14 – 17 years

We do allow experienced teenagers to register to climb unsupervised. But they must get a parent to complete an enhanced parental consent form on top of your standard registration form.

If you are 14 or 15 your parent will need to visit the centre in order to complete the forms with you.

16 or 17 year olds parents can fill out the paperwork remotely, but they must be available via the phone to confirm on your first visit.