Flashpoint Expansion:

We couldn’t let Flashpoint Swindon have all the fun; it’s time to expand the climbing here, too!

The plan is to slightly reduce the size of the trampoline court over at Freedog to accommodate more walls and new gym space. This will be split between a HUGE new cave/70-degree roof and a selection of vertical and slightly overhanging walls, with subtle grooves, a dihedral corner and some more slabby delights. Upstairs on the mezzanine, we will remove the spray wall and extend this wall to move the right-hand circuit board. Where the circuit board was will become…drum roll please…a Moon and Kilter board! And who said dreams don’t come true?⁠ To clarify, we won’t be moving or changing our current Woody, so in total, we’ll have three digital system boards for your crimping pleasure!

The plan is to move the gym equipment downstairs and get some more of it! The rowing machines will also be moving from their current position, as that area will be taken up by my new matting as the Kilter Board will need some extra crash pads under it, seeing as it’s so much steeper than the current circuit board. The plan for the old gym area is to have it as a stretching/yoga/warmup area.

Oh, we’re also looking to get a bunch of fresh holds and volumes too! these will be used through the centre, not just in the new area.

We’ll update this page as the works start with photos and any changes to the plan.


📅 JUNE:⁠

Week 1

Remove some trampolines from Freedog and create a temporary partition.

Build structural columns for the new walls.

Trampoline Removal

Week 2

Build a stud wall, create some new fire escapes and cut the new doorway through the Taunton Leisure wall into the new area. ⁠

Start building the new walls!

Week 3

Continue to build the new walls!

Week 4

Finish off the new walls and begin working on the Moon/Kilter board area.




Week 1

Create a tunnel through from the old walls to the new area.

Finish the Moon/Kilter.

Week 2

Build the new gym!

Install new matting and chalk extraction.

Week 3

Paint reception and get everything looking amazing.

Week 4

Setting, lots of setting!

Week 5

Set the Moon and Kilter…Then open up to the world!🤞 (we’re not announcing an exact date as things are subject to change, but hopefully by the end of Jult/Start of Agust, Flashpoint Bristol 2.0 will be ready! get hyped! 🎉🥳 ⁠


What Does This Mean for Freedog?

We’ll be slightly reducing the size of the trampoline court and, as such, will be lowering the capacity of our sessions, so the ratio of participants to trampolines will remain unchanged!

We will have limited sessions available Monday to Friday for the whole month of June.

Puppy Play Mornings (normally Wed – Fri) will be paused throughout June.  

Toddler Bounce (Sat and Sun) are still running!

Soft Play will be closed: Mon 3rd – Fri 7th  & Mon 10th – Tue 11th June

All other times Soft Play will be open as usual but be aware there will be a little noise from the other side of the building works at the other side of the centre.