Supervising Your Own Kids

0 – 6 years

Unfortunately Flashpoint Bristol is not suitable for this age group. Freedog and Redpoint Bristol have loads of options so check them out for inspiration.

7 – 17 years

An adult who has registered at our centre will normally be allowed to supervise one child aged between 7 – 11 years old OR two children IF at least one of them is over 12 years old.

The supervising adult must take full responsibility for the safety of the participants and complete the relevant paperwork.

14 – 17 years

We do allow experienced teenagers to register to climb unsupervised. But they must get a parent to complete an enhanced parental consent form on top of your standard registration form.

If you are 14 or 15 your parent will need to visit the centre in order to complete the forms with you.

16 or 17 year olds parents can fill out the paperwork remotely, but they must be available via the phone to confirm on your first visit. This age group (16+) can also be signed off to boulder independently, provided they are a competent boulderer.